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With so many options readily available, choosing the right flooring can be a tough task to tackle. Do you have any pets? Any kids? What type of foot traffic does this room receive? Do you need a durable material? Or something more elegant in style? These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself when choosing new floors for your home. We have a large variety of flooring options to fit the changing needs of our clients.

Popular Flooring Options

Hardwood. A traditional favorite that creates a flawless blend between living spaces. This is great for any space with heavy foot traffic. Commonly seen in kitchens, foyers and living rooms.

Ceramic Tile. Manufactured to be strong and resilient to moisture and stains. Comes in a variety of colors, patterns, shapes and sizes. The design options are endless with ceramic tile.

Laminate. A less expensive alternative to hardwood and tile. It can be used to imitate a variety of colors and styles. Laminate can be installed over existing floors which significantly reduces labor cost.

Vinyl. Durable, long lasting and easy to maintain. Vinyl can be cleaned with just a few swipes of a mop or broom. This material is nearly impossible to stain or damage. Vinyl is great for those areas in your home that are susceptible to moisture or water damage such as basements and bathrooms.

Concrete. A strong, inexpensive and lost lasting option. Concrete is the most durable of all flooring materials. Concrete is loved by many for its industrial feel. It can be stained or treated for resemble marble, stone, brick, and many others. Concrete is the longest lasting floor with the lowest maintenance required.

Natural Stone. Each piece of stone is unique giving a one of a kind look every time. The imperfections in the stone make a custom unique look and feel.

Granite. One of the hardest stone surfaces available that can stand the daily wear and tear of any family. Granite is a beautiful flooring option, but must be installed very carefully. Any underlying bumps in the foundation will cause granite to crack.

Pebbles and Stones. A rustic, outdoorsy look perfect for any shower. The subtle bumps and ridges make for a natural feel.

Bamboo. Commonly mistaken for wood, bamboo is a hard grass that can bring a wood like appearance to your floors. The two most popular bamboo finishes are factory finished and oil finished. Factory finished bamboo gets anywhere from 3-8 coats of aluminum oxide to increase resistance to scratches while adding a polished appearance. Oil finished bamboo gets a mixed wax coating. Any scratches can be sanded down and then finished with more oil to almost disappear.

Cork. This shock absorbent surface is ideal for the areas of your home where you will be on your feet. Cork is easily customizable and can be stained or refinished to any desired color. Commonly seen in kitchens and home gyms, cork is making a big comeback in 2017.

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